March 4, 2022



DecisiveInstincts is a DevSecOps leader with the personnel, tools, repeatable processes, and proven competency to achieve rapid software development and deployment pipeline cycles with a paradigm focused on automation throughout to ensure highly secure code delivery.


We utilize emerging technologies to deliver secure cloud-based and mobile-centric solutions that adapt to changing threats and vulnerabilities of today’s environment.

Cloud Solutions

DecisiveInstincts’ cloud experts understand the importance of a holistic cloud strategy in alignment with your organization’s modernization goals. We help guide you by developing and implementing a path forward that is tailored to your business objectives, people, processes, operations, and ultimate mission objectives.

IT Managed Services

Our end-to-end managed services assure that process automation and controls empower people in the organization while lowering the threat profile and reducing service costs.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

DecisiveInstincts’ engineers and data scientists build and deliver services that turn data into insight, automate routine tasks, revolutionize decision-making accuracy and speed, and create real-time advantages for the warfighter.